Get the full dose of glitter at this event

It has been a peculiar year. But in Vegas, you can always find something fun to do for the holidays. This year’s Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is super busy and characterized by long waits. According to the CEO of Ivory Star Productions, the large numbers can be attributed to the event’s past successes and, of course, the pandemic.

With most open entertainment events already booked, there is little to do in town with your kids. The Ethel M's Holiday Cactus Garden is fully booked, while the Magical Forest and other events did not open at all. Consequently, people are flocking the Glittering Lights event.

However, to accommodate more fun lovers, the hours have been extended with an earlier opening and a later closing. This has unfortunately led to extended waits of two hours or more. According to Bentham, they are experiencing huge volume.

As soon as it is dark enough, the event is officially opened, and they do not close until the last car is in line at 10 pm on weekdays or 11 pm on the weekend. This month gets the full dose of glitter. Still, you're going to have to wait no matter what time you come. 

Look at this as bonding time with the kiddos. Enjoy a pizza and soda, maybe watch a movie. The event organizers have also added portable toilets along Speedway Boulevard. Moreover, Bentham is looking to add some entertainment.

If you want to enjoy yourself without too much wait, visiting after Christmas is your best shot. The week leading up to Christmas is the busiest. The event will run up until January 10, but Bentham says it could be extended. The best time to visit is 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm from Monday to Wednesday. 

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